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Collaboration with our consultants will make it possible to solve any kind of agenda no matter how it is complicated and challenging condition.


Management Consulting

Pre-contract Assistance

In a stage of new bidding or a new business developing, it is not easy for a client to make a permanent contract with a local partner for just a preparation for the actual activities. ISSAC E&C has learned this insight from the past.

Hence ISSAC E&C is ready to assist client from an initial stage of any project without any fixed contract, we can offer temporary service as part of your team to assist your requirement, travelling, booking, market evaluation, audition for sub-contractor, general service and even administrative support if needed.

Evaluation of shipyard’s capability

When a client needs to evaluate any ship yard for new construction bidding or an analysis before introduction of new production line, ISSAC E&C can consider the owner’s specific requirements and inspect the yards facilities and services to check their compliance with owner's specific system requirement for quality, safety, track record, special bid pre-conditions and other items specifically requested by clients.

And as a final production of this activity, ISSAC E&C can provide a detailed report to the owner's which can reduce and ease their efforts in this area of activity.

Specification Services

  • Review the specification by comparison with other similar project
  • Provide sample of best economic specification
  • Provide recommending service HAZID(Hazard Identification), HAZOP(Hazard and Operability)
  • Plan approval

Life time maintenance service

ISSAC E&C is able to perform a life time maintenance for client’s vessel from the stage of building. We help your operation by providing rapid after-sales service (guarantee). This goal can be achieved because we have extensive experience and strong relationships with the shipyards and vendors.


Training Consulting

ISSAC E&C personnel bring a high degree of operational experience to the learning process, and have the qualifications necessary to provide a range of training and competency assessment options.

  • Computer based training
  • Familiarization training
  • Competency assessment
  • Training materials
  • Development for training course & training contents

Ship Repair & Conversion Consulting

We have many partner shipyards not only in Korea, but also worldwide such as China and Middle East Asia and have experienced team, so it allows us to perform turn-key base with cost-effective and timely solutions that respond to our clients’ needs.

In addition to this, we are able to handle the various kinds of ships (General Cargo Vessel, Bulk Carrier, Container,Tanker,RoRo Ship, etc). We will do the best to improve productivity, extensive high quality control and after-sales service and to provide the best ship to the ship owner at a competitive price and in the shortest working period. ISSAC E&C always strives to accomplish ship repair and conversion in the most effective ways.

Repair services:

- Ship Repair & Conversion :

LNGC, LNG RV, LNG FSRU, General Cargo Vessel, Bulk Carrier, Container, Tanker, RoRo SHip, etc.

- Offshore Vessel Repair :

FSO, Rig, Drillship, OSV, etc.

  • ­Docking and berthing, voyage repair
  • Steel work
  • Blasting & painting
  • Deck machinery & outfittings
  • Engine department & pipings
  • Propeller & shaft
  • Electric
  • Navigation & telcom

LNG Bunkering and Retrofit Solution

LNG bunkering

Considering the development of Emissions Controlled Areas (ECA), LNG as a fuel for ship will become an answer to emissions requirements on seas and in ports around the world.

ISSAC E&C supply the LNG Bunkering solutions for truck to ship transfer, on shore and inland waterways bunkering stations and bunkering vessels, that suits the market requirements in terms of performances, safety, and efficiency.

LNG fuelled vessels

New stringent regulations are forcing the shipping industry to study new fuelling options.
The introduction of emission controlled areas "ECA" by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) together with large proven reserves all over the world, has given to LNG an opportunity of being an attractive alternative to conventional.

IMO fuel quality requirements to limit SOx emissions

Fuel sulphur content 2008 2010 2012 2015 2020
SOx Emission Control Area (SECA) 1.5% 1% 0.10%
Worldwide 4.5% 3.5% 0.5%

* or 2025, depending on the review in 2018

MARPOL Annex VI: Prevention of air pollution by ships: Emission Control Areas

  Emissions In effect from
Baltic Sea SOx 19 May 2006
North Sea SOx 22 November 2007
North American SOx, NOx 1 August 2012
United States Caribbean Sea ECA SOx, NOx 1 January 2014

Annex VI mandatory limits for NOx emissions of new-build engines

  Entry into force New diesel engines installed on ships NOx limit in g/kWh Relative reduction compared with Tier I
Tier I 2005 From 1 January 2000 to 1 January 2011 9.8-17.0 -
Tier II 2011 After 1 January 2011 7.7-14.4 15-25%
Tier III Flexible form, 2016 Flexible, but only when operating in NECAs 2.0-3.4 80%

Retrofit Solution

Retrofitting an existing diesel engine with an LNG pack can be feasible, as several cited examples have shown.
However, existing ships have limited design flexibility and limited available space on board. Furthermore, the ship’s stability needs to be maintained.
Whether retrofitting is possible, needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Key LNG-related components of an LNG-fuelled vessel

Components Description
Bunkering station The ship’s connection with the LNG terminal, bunkering barge or truck
LNG vacuum-insulated pipes LNG piping from the ship’s connection to the fuel tank
Process skid and tank room Type A, B or C tank
Process skid and tank room Consists of a pressure build-up unit and the product evaporator
LNG engine Either a single-fuel or bi-fuel engine

BWMS & SOx Scrubber Retrofit Solution

ISSAC E&C has created our own brand in order to concentrate our capability more on Green Technology and to provide professional relevant services including engineering, procurement, installation, A/S and O&M in BWMS and SOx scrubber by operating its special team named as IGT(ISSAC Green Technology) composed of qualified and experienced engineers.

IGT (ISSAC Green Technology) provides,

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance

Available Solutions for Ballast Water Management System

Electro Chlorination

  • Side-stream technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy for piping design & system arrangement
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Suitable for medium and large scaled vessel

Ultra Violet

  • 100% physical treatment type
  • No use of chemical substances that induce corrosion inside the tanks
  • Suitable for small and medium scaled vessel
  • Able to treat with no concerns in salinity and temperature of water

Available Solution for SOx Scrubber

Closed Loop Scrubber / Open Loop Scrubber / Hybrid Scrubber

Service area

  • Korea
  • China
  • Turkey etc.