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We are very pleased to inform you that our company, ISSAC, have made partnership agreement with a major partner in China, JOINTTOP, and 3 Chinese shipyards, and agreed to collaborate with them on the retrofit for SOx scrubber and BWMS. Our partner shipyards are located all around in China, one in Northern, another in Middle and the other in Southern part of China.


As the emission control by the IMO2020 regulations will be in effect soon, the demand on the slot for the retrofit to meet the regulations before its implementation is increasing rapidly all over the world. This agreement is significant because it allows our customers to secure time and place for repairs and retrofit, especially scrubber installations when they want!


We hope that we will be able to provide more of our potential clients with satisfactory retrofit solutions for SOx scrubber and BWMS with our Chinese partner, JOINTTOP, based on 3 partner shipyards.



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