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[Retirement Ceremony and Vision Proclamation Ceremony]


ISSAC E&C and Shindong Digitech become one.



ISSAC E&C successfully completed M&A with Shindong Digitech Co., Ltd.

On October 30, 2020, an event was held at the Saenggok Marine Engineering Center where the Research Institute of ISSAC E&C is located.


ISSAC E&C is a specialized company in shipbuilding/offshore plant engineering, technical consulting, commissioning, etc. Shindong Digitech Co., Ltd. is a shipping company specializing in system integration services in the field of navigation communication for 29 years.

The two companies plan to grow into a global company through mutual cooperation.





[퇴임식 및 비전선포식]


㈜이삭, ㈜신동디지텍 하나가 되다.



㈜이삭은 ㈜신동디지텍을 성공적으로 M&A완료하였으며,

2022.11.30 ㈜이삭 연구소가 소재하는 생곡 해양엔지니어링센터에서 행사가 개최되었다.

㈜이삭은 조선/해양플랜트 분야 엔지니어링, 기술컨설팅, 커미셔닝 등 전문업체이며, ㈜신동디지텍은 항해통신분야에서 시스템 통합서비스를 29년간 전문적으로 해온 회사이다.

두회사는 상호 협력을 통하여 세계적인 기업으로 성장해 나아가겠다는 계획이다.










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